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said in an interview with the red star

that on the afternoon of December 17, 2015, she brought a knife to school. In the physical education class, the child with intellectual disability in the class, Yuan Wei (pseudonym), opened Gao Xin's bag and found the knife to play. Another classmate immediately told the class teacher vanxing, "the teacher said he would not make the knife school ."

arrived in the classroom and pulled Gao Xin to the podium. In the high-tech story, "Teacher grabbed the clothes and smashed me, my fist, several times, let me stand and write ."

confessed to the police: "I found a child with autism chewed a knife with his mouth in the class. At that time, because the child with autism was crazy, he was very scared, it's easy to hurt yourself and other children. I grabbed the knife immediately. The school clearly stipulates that students are not allowed to bring knives into the school. I investigated the source of the knife and found that it was Gao Xin."

did not deny that he had defeated Gao Xin: "I was more excited at the time. I pulled her to the classroom in Gao Xin's seat, and then pushed her a few times with my hand. She pinched her neck, waist and back, then kicked her leg after the criticism ended, the class started."

After school that afternoon, Gao Xin always shouted pain after going home from school. After the family checked, the skin of Gao Xin's back was red and swollen. The next morning, Gao Xin's mother sent her child to school and communicated with vanadine.

After Gao Xin's mother left, the school took classes as usual. Because I didn't answer this question in class, played Gao Xin again and pulled Gao Xin out of the seat penalty station.

confessed that at that time, she pulled back Gao Xin and said, "How did you forget what you said? If you listen to other people's answers, you will sit down again ". According to V's confession, this time, she once again "pinched Gao Xin's neck, waist and back with her hands and kicked Gao Xin's calf with her feet ".

At noon, relatives took Gao Xin home from school and found out

medical records in several hospitals

A few days later, Gao Xin reported the case with his parents. Cai Wanxing was detained for 15 days on January 2016. Gao Xin's family was dissatisfied with this and then filed a complaint with the court on "abuse of guardianship and escort.

On April 2019, the People's Court of Songling district, Anling district, Daxing, Heilongjiang province made a first-instance judgment. In the process of fulfilling the duties of education and teaching, Cai wanadin repeatedly beat and punished Gao Xin, causing minor injuries, and also causing the consequences of post-injury stress disorder and somatization disorder. Aggravating circumstances, constitute abuse, sentenced to one year and six months.

After Cai fan's appeal, on July 2019, the Intermediate People's Court of Daxinganling district found that the first-instance judgment was unclear, and the first-instance judgment was revoked and returned to the retrial. At present, the case has not yet been examined.

After being beaten, Gao Xin’s back was red and swollen

It has been three and a half years since he was beaten and fined by the head teacher. Gao Xin (not his real name) has become "not very similar ". I left the school of Zhuang in Songling district, Daxing Anling, Heilongjiang province. In the new school, Gao Xin did not play with his classmates and did not participate in class activities. Once she is angry or stimulated, she can't walk.

She was diagnosed by medical institutions as "post-injury stress disorder and somatization disorder" and was rated as "secondary mental disability" and was identified as "life cannot take care of herself ", most of life still needs the care of others ". On September 2017, the China Disabled Persons' Federation issued a disability certificate to Gao Xin.

Time back to 03:30 P.M. on December 17, 2015, when Gao Xin was 8 years old, he was a third-grade student in Zhuang Zhi school. That day, because I took a knife to the classroom to play, the teacher in charge and the female teacher Cai Wanxing (not his real name) dragged Gao Xin to the podium and kicked Gao Xin with his hand, let Gao Xin and the other two children stand up for class.

The next morning, Gao Xin's mother went to school to communicate with Cai vanadong. As soon as the mother left, Cai Huaxia did not answer the correct question in class, because Gao Xin did not answer the question again. In the afternoon, Gao Xin did not do the right thing again, and Cai Huaxia started again.

Rural traditional wedding

We are invited to participate in the wedding in countries
day in Shanxi province. Boy and girl are from ryoe liang city of Shilou County the same area in mountain where is the most poverty of mountain, it in Shanxi near. We
know the boy when he or a Children of when, because he is very smart and hard Tiger and I are very like He, we hope he become we of yanger, this is why he of wedding we will be all support he.

He home have four children this boy is the third a is finally a married of family, we didn't think here have how poor they also live in cave village, I only in I can't believe the movie in see. As the Shanxi province have many coal mine this is why there are a lot of big truck on the road on this car, bad of air pollution and traffic too dangerous. He of parents than I young but they look like 60-70-year-old, but smile is so of kind and honest I can see we to yard. Of when, they didn't say so more they of body language Let I feel how happy. According to local of customs wedding day before all of villagers neighbors and relatives with eat dinner, the gift as return. Was local band have three A or four personal group also was invited to celebrate. Have a big red rubber arched door
affiliated of bride and groom of name. I also will 300
more of people in night of dinner, chef and kitchen staff is other
Group is the most busy of chaos part, people to here eat all of things like tap water a pick up, food of VAT don't like human of food I must be this said, but a few minutes after it go the any style
I can't believe I feel so sad.

The second days in the morning of wedding formal start
from morning eleven o'clock A.M, don't health the customs of more than 10 a black Audi pick up bridge;
The groom with a string of firecrackers hold on bridge in He of shoulder on the
very difficult to walk, but he must be so do Tiger honor to become
main witness to Taiwan, expression we of love and hope that they will have
a great of future in life in. One thing is so attract I until today is
host and ask questions of the child and grandson or granddaughter all with harmonious of music in parents before on your knees this photos still in I of mind in, can't take it.

This is a great of wedding party I never not seen. Let I of a lot, know here have a lot of rural like here
, China need to we in order to help change traffic status, let they leave the mountains.

No time share English

I trying to memory different of new words spent I a lot of time to do it of pain. Especially is I will forget I in day before can recognize of things. Only have the week I't a don't like this a work. Instead I trying to learning a English songs this song from Lucas in Graham, called "love personal" it not excuse me I but I spent a long time this is, interesting of is best of teacher.

This is I have to prepare for your examination, I no in it of month era encourage I try again a not easy. Before the exam and a lot of work to do more bad of IS, I no enough of time to complete paper draft. However, in order to get a high score, and remember new words is too terrible the If I no high scores, I will not pass the examination.

With the time of past I become the a old woman even though the I don't like this name, old woman hope I can pass the exam. No more of time left wast.

Open presentation

To begin or introduce you of presentation is
The most important of part. "With these pointer can help you achieve success of

First welcome you the audience thank they of arrival. Then get people of attention proposed a interesting of fact or statistical,
To you the topic introduced to audience let they thinking of things.

To people a you of introduced figure. You of opening remarks should Summary. You going to talk about of the first the second the third and so on.

To you of audience provide problem of rules. Tell they if they can in any when questions or they whether should wait until the last. This is you of Select

Practice you of opening until it of perfect.

For example:

You good morning thank you of coming

I first to introduce.

After I will tell you we of new project

Finally I will detailed introduced we Of with

If you have problem please feel free to ask

Thank-you note

I have go to this fitness two months the in general is that. There are three-layer facilities and equipment are old have two separate of dressing room. Sauna
Long time close slippers no order. Maybe I the public of clean is so particular about the especially for bathroom of expectations than other place to high a lot I always and Stephen Japanese club compare. Swimming pool compare the self like treadmill is ten thing it
is quite enough of peak time, four is new of I am said.

Every day morning I in advance the half hours, just in order to catch up with Tiger of breakfast, normal situation under I to I of gym bag on the door in I run back after, bag has into the room later I realize that Mr. Liu fast 50-year-old. The whole morning only
he is on duty the club, in fact he only responsible for club of liquidation work but sometimes he is reception of receptionist or sometimes he is power engineer skilled workers and machine maintenance when I come in of when, I always received from Mr. Liu of warm greetings. I see floor has been he grazed the machine has been manufacturing the
even some angle also no cover in I of eyes below. If you can see he smile of face you will forgive he, because he really is a good man.

On a week he carefully to the I said: you can I of leadership write a thank-you note? I ask he why he honest of Tell I, he can get special of bonus basis of quantity of good
comments. This management encourage staff of motivation is good or bad of
very hard to say, I just a little surprised because he just in order to money only to the that a letter, and not voluntary of guests but no matter how I promised he said "no problem ".

The second days I to I of envelope and I of enthusiasm
Word put they of reception on. He for I of action feel happy he of face more warm I can read.

Why to worry about find less than work?

Employment market for a name graduates or a no in Australia work experience of new immigration for is nervous of.

You open seek-Australia of number one employment website application a position input electronic mail address, upload resume and cover letter then submitted application.

First you very excited early get up anxious to wait for that guy to you call of agent.

But after a few months six months even longer of time in addition to many refused to mail, you never received any phone.

This and not unusual

It happened in the current employment market and ten years before I apply for a work of time economic and no so bad.

Faith and adhere to in Australia have work of people between the role, that Married of people is a at home stay the of mom or someone return home, hope have family members introduced a decent of work.

1.From causal, temporary or part-time position start

When you apply for a and you of professional related of full-time position when try temporary, free of in management staff and call center and other field of part-time.

The main reason is let you from ground up get office of experience after, it will be more easy to continue.

In Melbourne I of the first a work is a temporary management personnel, he in Southbank of Fosters Group work three a month after I of contract due when, full-time staff from holiday back.

In Australia the company get office experience after, then I and do the part-time management work (house behind is call center) in CBD of a telecommunications the company is also in ASX (Australia Securities Exchange) of listed.

This tricky of work time; afternoon morning 6:00 start, maybe this is I get this a work of reason because no one willing to so get up early bed.

But it make I of resume longer of place experience this is basic, later find other a work.

2.Application as much as possible of work

According to I know I of most friends in get the first a full-time permanent position before the few hundred A electronic mail.

Including I the truth; sometimes I don't know I apply for the where a work when agent call to I the second days.

You have applied for the hundreds of a work but never hear any feedback, so please don't so serious as long as send as more of you can and waiting for look at will happen what.

This just like buy lottery flowers of money the more win the opportunity the greater.

Application a work risk is small you don't have to investment, you only need to upload a resume and a cover letter then click "submit application" button.

Please don't think you no enough of experience to apply for a you dream of position Why so worry about

If did not have as more of send this is you of wrong at least you have try to, no what can regret of if they ignore you that is agent of problem

3.Do you like do.

Waiting for an arcane this is do you love of things the best time.

Don't pressure too big; if you have time to worry about find less than work time is valuable, better to found you real like of and began to do it.

In Australia University graduation after I lost the because I doubt I can and young of Students Competition, and in I of late find the work. 30 s. So I waste time do a sofa potato and increase the lot of weight.

Was I no positive of attitude also don't know if no the company do want to I

Seven years after I of the company collapse the I and in looking for a job.

But this time is different of; I realized that work and not only important of things; I and a lot of things to do

Unemployment when I still very happy, because I can read writing and body exercise.

In driving course play piano learning cooking and clean walk and running own busy, you and a lot of things to do.

Remember work just life of part even no work you and right enjoy life

Even in home stay a years you should happy, let it become you love of the most valuable of time.

4.Earn pocket money Independent

No matter rich or poor of do a work and self-reliance are will not less.

For a no family support of new immigration for they will by very big of pressure, have rent bill food and bank deposit more and more less.

Then find a causal of part-time of for KFC McDonald's hunger of Jack work, supermarket or shopping center gas station or do cleaner.

Even if you don't have to worry about the things, also need to find a temporary of because it make you and people contact improve you of cooperation skills.

Money not you only should care about. So best week for a few days, ensure that you have enough of time to apply for a full time position have time answer phone, and in phone of when accept interview.

5.Overcome difficult get self-confidence

Including I daughter, including of most, China students in into school before all is school education. How to get high score. Reputation good of Uni.

Complete university degree after in, China parents friends, relatives or parents of friends very efforts to help children find a work, let they a easy of life.

Why don't they experience a little bit of frustration. Unless they know how to overcome difficult, they will more cherish life.

It also help they in master the how to find a work of skills after get self-confidence that they just not afraid of losing a because they have out of the dark of part life and become stronger.

This article by I daughter of inspired she just complete the degree: in Melbourne University engineering master from, China back after she is looking for a job.

Maybe this is she was born since the most difficult of experience; and she of friends, they in such as phone not sure to how long does it take time to find a ideal of work.

They can do of is continue to application never give up one day a unexpected of phone will received, best of luck!

Please join I of WeChat subscription: englishpassion

Application Store

Winter to. Indoor engineering than outdoor game more.
I like play I of Ipad rather than other of digital segmentation to kill I of time, I in App store found the very interesting of things.

I don't like download so more of application program occupy I of limit
Space, I only remember simple is perfect of Tao Bao for online shopping, where
is I most like the application program one. 10 cents of video is the movies and TV series of course sure is have Sina blog menu, game and daily yoga. Have many
Other application program is network operators own of application program, such as dead I
forever don't "with it. Update application program can manual or automatic is set I select
The first, because I want to know which application program need to update, in Where
and why this application program have some new of change, I may will be careful to note it. For example every day of yoga application program it almost is every time update application program including it, maybe change just a little bit, but I can see it the number of other. Tao
Bao is a very famous of application program, no people only know this a useful of application program, this is
Only update in shopping day add some function or some special of bug
Need to fixed. But just like not very well-known of application program it of management personnel is
intelligent, "With update application program to attract people to it of attention, to better to "with other
body application program.

Even application program is free of "with update I can remember it,
It can tell we do other work if you want to of people know you, you can with
you of that brain learning.

New book will birth

From 2012 the at the end of each year I began to want to I of new book that's 2018, this year the main color is what? What kind of cover pictures can tell I this year of significance?
Book of title must be and other sister books matching for example, all
of the first a letter is "S" start, also can tell and expression the what in this book this
and that, I start from heart deep come up with some ideas.

According to before of books white Green purple yellow and blue. This book of color I think red is the main color. Red
higher of light and attractive it more like we of red flag brilliant. So I in online surfing of when found pictures more of is fantasy in red background under, pictures of your files have specific of requirements
PSD your files can only in photos on the draw text, so this is why don't easy to find right of.

I remember some friends to the I they of information write the this book of the but this book I also don't know it whether will be add prospect
forward this 2018 of book will next a month was born.