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Home and best of home

, Beijing, is I been to of the city a few times. On Sunday I and to there on a business trip. Like is windy and cloudy day like I am in winter. I and a few thing clothes residents have put on the thick coat and down jacket. I more like a alien but in addition to wind outside I not feel cold. That day afternoon about four o'clock P.M. this obviously is Blue. That's because wind blow away the haze.
Each a I to there I only the work then back in a hurry. Yesterday afternoon I to all done so I have time leave. I in here for a walk have a lot of tourists in here to take pictures. This is a free of walk in night I have some things eat in a mall before, I get the back to the hotel.

Today I and home. High-speed train really run have to soon. Five lucky the bullet train when I am in three o'clock P.M. Warm and fresh the air because I don't have to put up with capital drying of air, so I feel very happy. Home is best
Even though the Here full the so-called of opportunities. It don't suitable for everyone. Those can and handsome of people with survival of people Organic will live. If no who earn very little of people are difficult to in there to live too long.
In fact, we must be sure we want to what. Target for a person of ability for is right of not only not too high also not too low. In order to better the life and struggle of value is we want to. At the same time, we also must be for We the believe of things keep calm.

I came back the DioEnglish Mr.

I you speak of when forget. In order to increase learning English of style, I in network on looking for a English community. Then as an a junior high school students by CET-6 is I must complete the task. Each website all display in I computer of screen on I select the you. Last year a month I success the I of score is 431. To be honest, results just a little bit harvest but I still very happy. Excuse me de whether in I ready to CET-6 of when play the role? Emm. maybe have or no what this not a secret, because I don't care ha ha long time don't "with I of computer so I open it Internet access, at the same time login DE write blog share some emotional
. I of English ability seems to be in decreased

Translation orientation don’t support

This a both cold also hot is enjoy the good time. More more of leaves become red and yellow. More like autumn I love this season. When Book complete after I feel and rebirth. At the same time I realized that time flies time is how of important this to the We Life of significance. This world it like fruit growth mature and we harvest.
Weather Sunny. It in morning coming in evening end have beautiful of scenery presented to we. When Twilight dominate the night Gold of light into the from the sky shine of flame. Very good Wonderful.
When I through Park when square dance has Start performance. Don't just old lady aunt but also some middle-aged women all took part in the dance. You forever all don't know they is from which to of they may is near some community of neighbor. They is Poly in with dance of people in park in, in the river or in open-air of supermarket before. They everywhere. Key is they have a ball.
In night in I in I of thought field more available. I spend time thinking some things such as to a place of plan, find some good book reading of methods. Silence of night not make I sleepy I than before more understand meditation. Suddenly a unit inspiration jumped on I sting the I of neural. I and have power. I catch it do it. You never know it what When will again.

I want to learn French

I want to learn some French but find less than a can self-taught and women. I dear friends you can provide some good website? Such as English, I can read and write.

I at home work of writing

Budget crisis of recommendations

Reading manager of electronic mail. Then response is a
Electronic Mail have a few idea to help she solve budget problem.

Hey, Rosanna

I really need some help for budget crisis develop some suggestions. Please to I as many ideas as possible to cut cost.

Thank you.


Dear Carla

I read you the Mail let I to you I of idea for We the company save cost. In we of financial report in a large number of cost is wages and
welfare, so the first a select yes to everyone all to a week 35 hours. The other a possibility is to older of workers provide
retirement bonus. We may want to consider more fierce of select such as cancel
annual leave, every day staff meal from 3 times reduced to 2 times. I believe
these can save a lot of cost. Only as an Last of means we will fire workers.

Please take a look at thank you!


Gold of autumn

October is autumn best of when, we can see we of Maple Leaf in everywhere are red of Maple Leaf eyes every year we of friends sure not miss in, Beijing, of opportunity. This season we been to many famous of place so this year we went to, Beijing, suburb of Badaling National Forest Park, red Mountain is you will see the beautiful of color pictures.

A week before we check the day of weather we plan to there Green commute and stagger of peak time, let we out
nine o'clock A.M. by Subway then turn to special vehicle. We very surprised, stock seller to the We very detailed of information
scenic area even she sound too big and noisy, including last
bus returned Time better of style to good of View of Mountain, you may Will
walk or by cable car. So it very take care of new of people.

Li Jiang MS is we Group of captain because she always outing of organizers, she want to do some detailed of plan
We of tourism address traffic, stay and control time and security have a time she is driver, she "with digital equipment very smart she like for groups as she of stick,
and take she of intelligent camera take pictures more colorful and
clear. If no she Of out I can see she not have so fresh and meaningful.

Park not High have many steps it
is easy to of all type of people, a little cloudy of day only to lunch of when some Baiyun suspended in blue sky in, we should thank we of out and shooting red maple leaf of beautiful views are in Mountain of back, the Great Wall of back into the
We of eyes some green yellow, golden and red mixed in with very
great and beautiful, just like cloth of sewing we no any for shooting or recording wonderful moment of corner. I believe if you to here you will forget side of any unpleasant of things, you will to you around the people smile always this

Ten years ago

Wendnesday October 17, 2017 cloudy

In 10 years ago of the same date I called to Jiangbei International Airport and some volunteers meet. We are going to take the plane to, Beijing, in Indonesia of Chinese teaching training. This before we in
Chongqing Normal University accept the month of training. Due to visa aspects of difficult this travel delay the nearly two months. Now we finally success.

School hire the truck send We two people (the other a volunteers is I of colleagues) to chonqqing I and I of wife and daughter met with they With eat dinner, and I father-in-law and he of family with eat. I didn't tell my parents I would go abroad I just tell they I'll to in addition a province teaching. I'll in before the Spring Festival home.

Chen Min Kui (in we school and I as the volunteers) and I went to the airport. Get to the airport for an arcane we see the some other of volunteers. I of wife I of daughter and I wife of brother in airport and I. Volunteers (Main from Sichuan and Chongqing) are very excited. I was told Chen Min Kui
and I'll in with a city. Hear this I very happy but later it proved to be is error.

With I of family said good-bye after I 10 point it and other people with went. P. M. We in midnight got, Beijing, nan yuan airport then was to Hotel (Xiyuan Hotel) in about 2. M. Check after Soon We bed sleep the Because We Too tired. I remember Sichuan of a volunteers named Zheng Wen English and I in with a room in.

Ready to Disney of tour

This weekend we will have day Disney of tour the company of travel. I don't want to Disney because it is strict of rules. But I think I son want to there and registered the this travel.

I know to travel and plan is very necessary. Which hot game will participate in how to get fast pass how to line travel route, and how to get lunch and dinner, because there are so many of the people in line waiting for every a field game. I don't understand why they don't allow We with some food and food to Disney is so expensive.

Tickets and food of I for expensive so I must for this trip to ready. I with the bottle of water and a cup of this is allow of many small package of cookies, ham sausage and some bread. I in package of corner hide the some food so as not to be people found and confiscated. That terrible of feel I just like immigration. I just want to save some money this is a important of reason I don't like Disney of tour.

I also with the SLR camera bat umbrella clothes and other things in I of package, make I of package heavy. I doubt if I can't with a heavy of package and I 6-year-old son to most game. But I think travel need heavy of package. I print the some hot of game canteen location and schedule of map.

Now I ready. Hope it will is a happy of journey.

You wear what Let own warm at the same time still look smart?

I cold I want to wear thermal underwear or
Long John... But I also want to look smart!
In spring this warm of weather wear
trousers sure don't wise, but in autumn cold of when not to make any change. help I!

You now in you of city wear what?

You now in you of city wear what?
I think I every day morning all to put on sweater then in at noon for a short-sleeved T-shirt... When you put on you of thick coat put on
short sleeve t-shirt as an underwear of season?
I want to out table look very beautiful.