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A don’t come of small guests

A small spiral has came to I of house I want to
May be because I last night see He the he may notice that I of eyes because he avoid, I don't mind today morning I and see he In I of living room on the swings in!
So I must be immediately to he a Section class! He was in tissue in! He bad!

Full surprise

I of swimming results is very low of attitude is
Year I of freestyle swimming posture don't comfortable, 1 km is 28-29
minutes only a I remember is in 27 minutes in. I do self-check sometimes why my speed than I of breaststroke slow it don't should is that, maybe
I of arm not enough straight, or I of-step don't correct I on the women swimming material of reference report I of results only in intermediate but I have enough of power, I have love the many years the Why I of performance not I of expectations.

Today morning I and usual. Go to the swimming pool the may be too early the no people in there, pool just like to own order the block when I very happy see quiet of swimming pool, but I found I forget the with goggles and swimming caps why? I never no swimming no both if I home to get, spent a lot of time. I in corner of the locker room in find hat; lucky of IS have a even though the it is too small, I of long hair no any Select

I never no swimming glasses I can't swimming when I in water, I close your eyes just like blind dogs but gradually to I to adapt to the
of situation, and free to swimming to improve I of body speed I can. I check the I of
Code water I can't believe 1 km only 25 minutes, this is I of new record very sure because accident it full the surprise story tell we, if you want to reach you before done many times of senior but always to
nothing, then you can try to want to other method to big surprise will
to you. Please believe I

In school learning

I recently efforts for if I need for I of daughter registered a tutorial school, because in the next two months in I and I wife will busy, we can't completely cover she learning conditions. Now she read six grade this on she for is key moment, this will depends on She whether can into a good middle school we ask I daughter whether willing to go to cram school learning improve. But she refused to fill cram she said she can keep the current learning level no additional of counseling. As an response I promise she if she have enough of self-control learning, she will not be to fill cram test results will as an examination standard. This semester

Most situation under parents always worry about children in school of learning especially is in middle school stage, because this influence compare the big if they Organic will into what kind of high school, if they can't into competitiveness of high school. How to refer to future in they of more than life no future of vocational and keep a relative decent life --

We should embrace outdoor life style?

With the modern technology of Globalization especially is world range in the Internet service, people of life style by the very big of influence. More and more of people like outdoor life style in other words they like stay home, work or through Internet get leisure. They think indoorsy of life style is save time active and peace. Instead some people against "Don't security" of life style, claim that keep a kind of "Don't security" of life style will hurt people of psychological and body on.
In I looks like modern science and technology it like a has two sides of coins. If we think it is let we of life more convenient of useful tools, it not only will to we bring efficiency and also will improve we of life. In Internet of help under people can through work shopping save time, or in home and others communication. In addition when you alone stay home from outside interference a person can have creativity, the attention concentrated in he or she do the things on. But if a person over-dependent on the Internet may will damage a person's normal life and work. For example indulge in online social network may make you of social skills become worse. For example when they and people face-to-face talk when they may will feel lost, this May will influence they and family and friends of normal relationship. Worse of is all day sitting in front of the computer means very little of outdoor activities may will damage health
When we enjoy virtual world to we of all benefits when, people also should from time to out of they of home, taking some time into reality life in order to get daily life and social of rhythm. At the same time early sleep get up early, every day do movement to we a health of body enjoy we of life, full experience high-tech to we bring of various miracle.



Change stage

Below is EF English material I hope and you share.

Change can is a terrible thing of things. Big of change-for example, must move or must find a new of work-may means that it is big of pressure. You of status interrupt the you was launched the you of comfortable area.

When face major change when we will experience three a basic stage. Different of is you in each stage of time. The first stage is resistance. When you hear a change you of the first a idea is you don't want to change. The future there not sure and doubt.

The second stage of the process. In this stage you to change you must do what to survival you accept the change, but you the change not excited.

The third stage is open. This means that the
change may bring the possibility have a open of idea. Even change you don't like you, you began to think about your of response strategy. You accept change and began to develop their own the future plan. You can faster to the third stage you can faster to adapt to change.

I deeply understand three a stage of change of feel. When I in the company work of when have many example, I change the new of work or change the new of department. I also have the same feel
for I of career develop their own of plan. I have moved the four times I of house in married after, in I moved to I of family before, I really doubt it. This new place is good or bad of but because SAS, I have to from crowded of place moved to more spacious of place. This is why I like in here Copy word to remember expression.

Osmanthus fragrans

Autumn. This a few days weather so cold I have to in the morning and night put on coat.

I like jogging and wear T-shirt but last night a little cold. Jogging 6 km after I even almost no sweat.

When I in community in jogging of when I smell a unit sweet of smell. I try to find it of taste. Then I found that flowers from in full bloom of osmanthus fragrans. Yellow of smell small but taste very strong. Three a girl is from tree defloration maybe they will with they do some delicious of food. Community in have many sweet-scented osmanthus trees so if all of osmanthus fragrans in full bloom, there must be a very big of smell.

Autumn is harvest of season many delicious of fruit is about to come.

If I work hard enough learning please select I!

When I of children grew up after I always immersed in the life of thinking in. They won't hold I to own of all tell I. They of friends than parents more important they hope and friends share secret. They gradually to leave I. If they all don't allow I into he of room that the I for not strange day. So there must be other things can is I of spirit sustenance. I want to this is I of career I to own investment which. I also not work I have find the but I not sure this a work will choose who. I need more efforts to learning because I have opportunity. Results maybe is I Life of answer no matter it is good or bad. Try to believe I own!

We the company of conditions

This year we the company of situation not good. And so more of colleagues in other the company get new of investment other people can't focus on in work. Maybe some website will in the near future close. We of new general car good at reduce cost and reduce spending. We the team members reduce 30% recruitment application again by general-purpose car refused. We of work load more difficult.

We just engineer but we can know to from the company of business situation, economic environment and no so good. Due to bad of economic environment Hong Kong postal significantly reduce. For most industry for make money more and more difficult to the more difficult to find new work

Calm down efforts learning to improve own to get better of position.

Yan’an-, China Revolutionary of

This to Shanxi don't just in order to wedding
but we also want to a place travel, yan'an is belongs to "Shanxi, Shaanxi province
of building across the Yellow River in the other side County they tell we to spend two hours to get there. Yan'an is ancient of revolution base. I before and before of the company been to, China of some red zone, but yanan I also haven't been to here there is a very famous of pagoda symbol the this place, I really want to in inside picture phase.

Wedding end after the groom of brother very good he want to do we drive to go to Yan of guide, because he know of Style
of destination, this is very easy to the stranger no any orientation
In addition to GPS need to help. Traffic not like we expected of that smooth this
completely occupy more than big truck on the style, so we almost to spend three four hours we first in base near find the this car Inn, and ready to in the second days in the morning to visit.

In sunny the day we see the famous of pagoda it completely have nine floor, height 44 m unfortunately of is it was recently repair, this is why we don't up. There is no such
many people in Park of morning so we slowly around Walk, to taste there of feel in pagoda below I see the side banner. Have a board with some on party of statement I very proud to be a party members. Just because by chance of opportunity I tried to raise hand, loud to read words
again swear I know the tiger photos and video are take the down, used to record gold moment. I spend the how wonderful of time! To Shanxi is a kind of very meaningful of travel.