I trying to memory different of new words spent I a lot of time to do it of pain. Especially is I will forget I in day before can recognize of things. Only have the week I't a don't like this a work. Instead I trying to learning a English songs this song from Lucas in Graham, called "love personal" it not excuse me I but I spent a long time this is, interesting of is best of teacher.

This is I have to prepare for your examination, I no in it of month era encourage I try again a not easy. Before the exam and a lot of work to do more bad of IS, I no enough of time to complete paper draft. However, in order to get a high score, and remember new words is too terrible the If I no high scores, I will not pass the examination.

With the time of past I become the a old woman even though the I don't like this name, old woman hope I can pass the exam. No more of time left wast.