We are invited to participate in the wedding in countries
day in Shanxi province. Boy and girl are from ryoe liang city of Shilou County the same area in mountain where is the most poverty of mountain, it in Shanxi near. We
know the boy when he or a Children of when, because he is very smart and hard Tiger and I are very like He, we hope he become we of yanger, this is why he of wedding we will be all support he.

He home have four children this boy is the third a is finally a married of family, we didn't think here have how poor they also live in cave village, I only in I can't believe the movie in see. As the Shanxi province have many coal mine this is why there are a lot of big truck on the road on this car, bad of air pollution and traffic too dangerous. He of parents than I young but they look like 60-70-year-old, but smile is so of kind and honest I can see we to yard. Of when, they didn't say so more they of body language Let I feel how happy. According to local of customs wedding day before all of villagers neighbors and relatives with eat dinner, the gift as return. Was local band have three A or four personal group also was invited to celebrate. Have a big red rubber arched door
affiliated of bride and groom of name. I also will 300
more of people in night of dinner, chef and kitchen staff is other
Group is the most busy of chaos part, people to here eat all of things like tap water a pick up, food of VAT don't like human of food I must be this said, but a few minutes after it go the any style
I can't believe I feel so sad.

The second days in the morning of wedding formal start
from morning eleven o'clock A.M, don't health the customs of more than 10 a black Audi pick up bridge;
The groom with a string of firecrackers hold on bridge in He of shoulder on the
very difficult to walk, but he must be so do Tiger honor to become
main witness to Taiwan, expression we of love and hope that they will have
a great of future in life in. One thing is so attract I until today is
host and ask questions of the child and grandson or granddaughter all with harmonious of music in parents before on your knees this photos still in I of mind in, can't take it.

This is a great of wedding party I never not seen. Let I of a lot, know here have a lot of rural like here
, China need to we in order to help change traffic status, let they leave the mountains.