This weekend we will have day Disney of tour the company of travel. I don't want to Disney because it is strict of rules. But I think I son want to there and registered the this travel.

I know to travel and plan is very necessary. Which hot game will participate in how to get fast pass how to line travel route, and how to get lunch and dinner, because there are so many of the people in line waiting for every a field game. I don't understand why they don't allow We with some food and food to Disney is so expensive.

Tickets and food of I for expensive so I must for this trip to ready. I with the bottle of water and a cup of this is allow of many small package of cookies, ham sausage and some bread. I in package of corner hide the some food so as not to be people found and confiscated. That terrible of feel I just like immigration. I just want to save some money this is a important of reason I don't like Disney of tour.

I also with the SLR camera bat umbrella clothes and other things in I of package, make I of package heavy. I doubt if I can't with a heavy of package and I 6-year-old son to most game. But I think travel need heavy of package. I print the some hot of game canteen location and schedule of map.

Now I ready. Hope it will is a happy of journey.