Wendnesday October 17, 2017 cloudy

In 10 years ago of the same date I called to Jiangbei International Airport and some volunteers meet. We are going to take the plane to, Beijing, in Indonesia of Chinese teaching training. This before we in
Chongqing Normal University accept the month of training. Due to visa aspects of difficult this travel delay the nearly two months. Now we finally success.

School hire the truck send We two people (the other a volunteers is I of colleagues) to chonqqing I and I of wife and daughter met with they With eat dinner, and I father-in-law and he of family with eat. I didn't tell my parents I would go abroad I just tell they I'll to in addition a province teaching. I'll in before the Spring Festival home.

Chen Min Kui (in we school and I as the volunteers) and I went to the airport. Get to the airport for an arcane we see the some other of volunteers. I of wife I of daughter and I wife of brother in airport and I. Volunteers (Main from Sichuan and Chongqing) are very excited. I was told Chen Min Kui
and I'll in with a city. Hear this I very happy but later it proved to be is error.

With I of family said good-bye after I 10 point it and other people with went. P. M. We in midnight got, Beijing, nan yuan airport then was to Hotel (Xiyuan Hotel) in about 2. M. Check after Soon We bed sleep the Because We Too tired. I remember Sichuan of a volunteers named Zheng Wen English and I in with a room in.