I recently efforts for if I need for I of daughter registered a tutorial school, because in the next two months in I and I wife will busy, we can't completely cover she learning conditions. Now she read six grade this on she for is key moment, this will depends on She whether can into a good middle school we ask I daughter whether willing to go to cram school learning improve. But she refused to fill cram she said she can keep the current learning level no additional of counseling. As an response I promise she if she have enough of self-control learning, she will not be to fill cram test results will as an examination standard. This semester

Most situation under parents always worry about children in school of learning especially is in middle school stage, because this influence compare the big if they Organic will into what kind of high school, if they can't into competitiveness of high school. How to refer to future in they of more than life no future of vocational and keep a relative decent life --