October is autumn best of when, we can see we of Maple Leaf in everywhere are red of Maple Leaf eyes every year we of friends sure not miss in, Beijing, of opportunity. This season we been to many famous of place so this year we went to, Beijing, suburb of Badaling National Forest Park, red Mountain is you will see the beautiful of color pictures.

A week before we check the day of weather we plan to there Green commute and stagger of peak time, let we out
nine o'clock A.M. by Subway then turn to special vehicle. We very surprised, stock seller to the We very detailed of information
scenic area even she sound too big and noisy, including last
bus returned Time better of style to good of View of Mountain, you may Will
walk or by cable car. So it very take care of new of people.

Li Jiang MS is we Group of captain because she always outing of organizers, she want to do some detailed of plan
We of tourism address traffic, stay and control time and security have a time she is driver, she "with digital equipment very smart she like for groups as she of stick,
and take she of intelligent camera take pictures more colorful and
clear. If no she Of out I can see she not have so fresh and meaningful.

Park not High have many steps it
is easy to of all type of people, a little cloudy of day only to lunch of when some Baiyun suspended in blue sky in, we should thank we of out and shooting red maple leaf of beautiful views are in Mountain of back, the Great Wall of back into the
We of eyes some green yellow, golden and red mixed in with very
great and beautiful, just like cloth of sewing we no any for shooting or recording wonderful moment of corner. I believe if you to here you will forget side of any unpleasant of things, you will to you around the people smile always this