I of swimming results is very low of attitude is
Year I of freestyle swimming posture don't comfortable, 1 km is 28-29
minutes only a I remember is in 27 minutes in. I do self-check sometimes why my speed than I of breaststroke slow it don't should is that, maybe
I of arm not enough straight, or I of-step don't correct I on the women swimming material of reference report I of results only in intermediate but I have enough of power, I have love the many years the Why I of performance not I of expectations.

Today morning I and usual. Go to the swimming pool the may be too early the no people in there, pool just like to own order the block when I very happy see quiet of swimming pool, but I found I forget the with goggles and swimming caps why? I never no swimming no both if I home to get, spent a lot of time. I in corner of the locker room in find hat; lucky of IS have a even though the it is too small, I of long hair no any Select

I never no swimming glasses I can't swimming when I in water, I close your eyes just like blind dogs but gradually to I to adapt to the
of situation, and free to swimming to improve I of body speed I can. I check the I of
Code water I can't believe 1 km only 25 minutes, this is I of new record very sure because accident it full the surprise story tell we, if you want to reach you before done many times of senior but always to
nothing, then you can try to want to other method to big surprise will
to you. Please believe I