Employment market for a name graduates or a no in Australia work experience of new immigration for is nervous of.

You open seek-Australia of number one employment website application a position input electronic mail address, upload resume and cover letter then submitted application.

First you very excited early get up anxious to wait for that guy to you call of agent.

But after a few months six months even longer of time in addition to many refused to mail, you never received any phone.

This and not unusual

It happened in the current employment market and ten years before I apply for a work of time economic and no so bad.

Faith and adhere to in Australia have work of people between the role, that Married of people is a at home stay the of mom or someone return home, hope have family members introduced a decent of work.

1.From causal, temporary or part-time position start

When you apply for a and you of professional related of full-time position when try temporary, free of in management staff and call center and other field of part-time.

The main reason is let you from ground up get office of experience after, it will be more easy to continue.

In Melbourne I of the first a work is a temporary management personnel, he in Southbank of Fosters Group work three a month after I of contract due when, full-time staff from holiday back.

In Australia the company get office experience after, then I and do the part-time management work (house behind is call center) in CBD of a telecommunications the company is also in ASX (Australia Securities Exchange) of listed.

This tricky of work time; afternoon morning 6:00 start, maybe this is I get this a work of reason because no one willing to so get up early bed.

But it make I of resume longer of place experience this is basic, later find other a work.

2.Application as much as possible of work

According to I know I of most friends in get the first a full-time permanent position before the few hundred A electronic mail.

Including I the truth; sometimes I don't know I apply for the where a work when agent call to I the second days.

You have applied for the hundreds of a work but never hear any feedback, so please don't so serious as long as send as more of you can and waiting for look at will happen what.

This just like buy lottery flowers of money the more win the opportunity the greater.

Application a work risk is small you don't have to investment, you only need to upload a resume and a cover letter then click "submit application" button.

Please don't think you no enough of experience to apply for a you dream of position Why so worry about

If did not have as more of send this is you of wrong at least you have try to, no what can regret of if they ignore you that is agent of problem

3.Do you like do.

Waiting for an arcane this is do you love of things the best time.

Don't pressure too big; if you have time to worry about find less than work time is valuable, better to found you real like of and began to do it.

In Australia University graduation after I lost the because I doubt I can and young of Students Competition, and in I of late find the work. 30 s. So I waste time do a sofa potato and increase the lot of weight.

Was I no positive of attitude also don't know if no the company do want to I

Seven years after I of the company collapse the I and in looking for a job.

But this time is different of; I realized that work and not only important of things; I and a lot of things to do

Unemployment when I still very happy, because I can read writing and body exercise.

In driving course play piano learning cooking and clean walk and running own busy, you and a lot of things to do.

Remember work just life of part even no work you and right enjoy life

Even in home stay a years you should happy, let it become you love of the most valuable of time.

4.Earn pocket money Independent

No matter rich or poor of do a work and self-reliance are will not less.

For a no family support of new immigration for they will by very big of pressure, have rent bill food and bank deposit more and more less.

Then find a causal of part-time of for KFC McDonald's hunger of Jack work, supermarket or shopping center gas station or do cleaner.

Even if you don't have to worry about the things, also need to find a temporary of because it make you and people contact improve you of cooperation skills.

Money not you only should care about. So best week for a few days, ensure that you have enough of time to apply for a full time position have time answer phone, and in phone of when accept interview.

5.Overcome difficult get self-confidence

Including I daughter, including of most, China students in into school before all is school education. How to get high score. Reputation good of Uni.

Complete university degree after in, China parents friends, relatives or parents of friends very efforts to help children find a work, let they a easy of life.

Why don't they experience a little bit of frustration. Unless they know how to overcome difficult, they will more cherish life.

It also help they in master the how to find a work of skills after get self-confidence that they just not afraid of losing a because they have out of the dark of part life and become stronger.

This article by I daughter of inspired she just complete the degree: in Melbourne University engineering master from, China back after she is looking for a job.

Maybe this is she was born since the most difficult of experience; and she of friends, they in such as phone not sure to how long does it take time to find a ideal of work.

They can do of is continue to application never give up one day a unexpected of phone will received, best of luck!

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