I have go to this fitness two months the in general is that. There are three-layer facilities and equipment are old have two separate of dressing room. Sauna
Long time close slippers no order. Maybe I the public of clean is so particular about the especially for bathroom of expectations than other place to high a lot I always and Stephen Japanese club compare. Swimming pool compare the self like treadmill is ten thing it
is quite enough of peak time, four is new of I am said.

Every day morning I in advance the half hours, just in order to catch up with Tiger of breakfast, normal situation under I to I of gym bag on the door in I run back after, bag has into the room later I realize that Mr. Liu fast 50-year-old. The whole morning only
he is on duty the club, in fact he only responsible for club of liquidation work but sometimes he is reception of receptionist or sometimes he is power engineer skilled workers and machine maintenance when I come in of when, I always received from Mr. Liu of warm greetings. I see floor has been he grazed the machine has been manufacturing the
even some angle also no cover in I of eyes below. If you can see he smile of face you will forgive he, because he really is a good man.

On a week he carefully to the I said: you can I of leadership write a thank-you note? I ask he why he honest of Tell I, he can get special of bonus basis of quantity of good
comments. This management encourage staff of motivation is good or bad of
very hard to say, I just a little surprised because he just in order to money only to the that a letter, and not voluntary of guests but no matter how I promised he said "no problem ".

The second days I to I of envelope and I of enthusiasm
Word put they of reception on. He for I of action feel happy he of face more warm I can read.