A few days later, Gao Xin reported the case with his parents. Cai Wanxing was detained for 15 days on January 2016. Gao Xin's family was dissatisfied with this and then filed a complaint with the court on "abuse of guardianship and escort.

On April 2019, the People's Court of Songling district, Anling district, Daxing, Heilongjiang province made a first-instance judgment. In the process of fulfilling the duties of education and teaching, Cai wanadin repeatedly beat and punished Gao Xin, causing minor injuries, and also causing the consequences of post-injury stress disorder and somatization disorder. Aggravating circumstances, constitute abuse, sentenced to one year and six months.

After Cai fan's appeal, on July 2019, the Intermediate People's Court of Daxinganling district found that the first-instance judgment was unclear, and the first-instance judgment was revoked and returned to the retrial. At present, the case has not yet been examined.