Yesterday since has been colder has been rain. Everyone all have coat to meet this winter. Walk in the street cold wind violent to blowing I. The company of Hall because Christmas of decoration and light and strengthen atmosphere. Especially in into room see those lovely gadgets of when such as small house Christmas old and trees, all look is so sweet the colorful of lighting. This really helped build harmonious.
In addition to snow outside all are good. And Northern Area compared here Winter little snow. But it really let you in this season life have to don't comfortable, because it of cold let you at any time anywhere all in trembling you left no hot, you very difficult to success drying clothes especially in wet of weather.
The weather forecast said tomorrow may will snow. Based on the lunar calendar and tomorrow is the heavy snow. What a coincidence. No matter whether Real it certainly marks the real of winter of coming.
No matter how to we still survival from all season.