Wearing winter of coat,

Winter also not

Heating has to each family

Winter also not

Autumn of rain and wind also no continue

Tree only yellow the leaves still dazzling charming

Sit in window

Thought in I mind in flowing

How there will be that of weather?

Only I can hear I of respiratory.

Want to drink the wine, sing a song

Today bad of weather make I so lazy and depressed. Today morning I received daughter of complaints let I drive to baby to hospital because by taxi of plan driving and convenient more, due to bad of traffic and parking of peak this is, today the weather is heavy of air pollution and fog haze, it really not good for the baby.
outing I can understand but I get the don't fair of reviews, I not a competent of people I no display I of family of responsibility. I can't accept she said of I in hospital of first day personally do the complications in the next day in only need to the baby direct the treatment, I today have to heating the company pay, even when I received a telephone call from my daughter when I all very angry I active of came to here,
home of every thing. Baby always ranked first. Maybe I should blame
terrible of weather to I bring bad of day.