Winter to. Indoor engineering than outdoor game more.
I like play I of Ipad rather than other of digital segmentation to kill I of time, I in App store found the very interesting of things.

I don't like download so more of application program occupy I of limit
Space, I only remember simple is perfect of Tao Bao for online shopping, where
is I most like the application program one. 10 cents of video is the movies and TV series of course sure is have Sina blog menu, game and daily yoga. Have many
Other application program is network operators own of application program, such as dead I
forever don't "with it. Update application program can manual or automatic is set I select
The first, because I want to know which application program need to update, in Where
and why this application program have some new of change, I may will be careful to note it. For example every day of yoga application program it almost is every time update application program including it, maybe change just a little bit, but I can see it the number of other. Tao
Bao is a very famous of application program, no people only know this a useful of application program, this is
Only update in shopping day add some function or some special of bug
Need to fixed. But just like not very well-known of application program it of management personnel is
intelligent, "With update application program to attract people to it of attention, to better to "with other
body application program.

Even application program is free of "with update I can remember it,
It can tell we do other work if you want to of people know you, you can with
you of that brain learning.