Why I want to ride a motorcycle? I ride motorcycle has five years more. But because I of work and life, it in the past of 4 years almost disappear. I has been doubt I whether will keep it.

Motorcycle of advantages:

1. It cool free and is excited.

I of motorcycle cycle cheaper but have Halley-davision motorcycle of this type. It is beautiful of and cool of ride cross the street. Don't be careful hit the horse you can feel warm or cool of wind blowing you of body, smell to along the way all smell when you ride motorcycle when you is nature of part. You not think in car that make I excited.

2. It powerful and convenient.

I have been riding a bike 2 years the but I can achieve the maximum distance is 40 km. This is very difficult to ride a bike. When I have to ride electric bike long-distance trek when I always worry about power is too large, even though the it very convenient. I don't want to find a parking space of carwhere traffic very crowded. Instead motorcycle can with I to each place if I want to and have enough of time. 10 L gas enough support up to 500 km of running. Very easy to it stop at any place.


It very dangerous.

Ride Motorcycle than drive ride bike or electric bike more risk. It weight heavy speed fast so in emergency situation is not easy to stop. I fall the 5 times more than which a very dangerous. So when I ride motorcycle of when I don't want to with I of family. Happen accident more easy to injured.

2. Motorcycle in many place is limited.

Motorcycle in many city by limit especially in city of center area. We can't in high-speed highway on the driving can't in highway on driving. We always by policy and people of limit.

Even though the have many shortcomings but I don't want to leave motorcycle. Because is I daily life in rare of different of things make I excited and different. Motorcycle is a hobby rather than a tool. Maybe next year I will get a work to I of home off up, and have more of TIME ride it. I has been hope can in motorcycle on the long-distance travel. In short, the I Don't willing to give up.