that on the afternoon of December 17, 2015, she brought a knife to school. In the physical education class, the child with intellectual disability in the class, Yuan Wei (pseudonym), opened Gao Xin's bag and found the knife to play. Another classmate immediately told the class teacher vanxing, "the teacher said he would not make the knife school ."

arrived in the classroom and pulled Gao Xin to the podium. In the high-tech story, "Teacher grabbed the clothes and smashed me, my fist, several times, let me stand and write ."

confessed to the police: "I found a child with autism chewed a knife with his mouth in the class. At that time, because the child with autism was crazy, he was very scared, it's easy to hurt yourself and other children. I grabbed the knife immediately. The school clearly stipulates that students are not allowed to bring knives into the school. I investigated the source of the knife and found that it was Gao Xin."

did not deny that he had defeated Gao Xin: "I was more excited at the time. I pulled her to the classroom in Gao Xin's seat, and then pushed her a few times with my hand. She pinched her neck, waist and back, then kicked her leg after the criticism ended, the class started."

After school that afternoon, Gao Xin always shouted pain after going home from school. After the family checked, the skin of Gao Xin's back was red and swollen. The next morning, Gao Xin's mother sent her child to school and communicated with vanadine.

After Gao Xin's mother left, the school took classes as usual. Because I didn't answer this question in class, played Gao Xin again and pulled Gao Xin out of the seat penalty station.

confessed that at that time, she pulled back Gao Xin and said, "How did you forget what you said? If you listen to other people's answers, you will sit down again ". According to V's confession, this time, she once again "pinched Gao Xin's neck, waist and back with her hands and kicked Gao Xin's calf with her feet ".

At noon, relatives took Gao Xin home from school and found out