Nanjing, Nanchang and Nanning of in common is they are south of capital city, all Shorten of
Nan-marathon of course all of beautiful.

On the Sunday I see the Nanchang marathon TV
and hear the hostess said: "We really see the Gan River around of marathon game
reflect the Nanjing beautiful of scenery. "Was she sure she has held the Nanjing marathon live weeks ago. This let I think of Carl in Wilson Mr. Of journey the Sunday morning of business edit to August 1993 of 《 nanjing ". Him with the The-four days of access reported the few selected of local economic department. He back after a month he to I send the letter and newspaper, and he of article "Nanjing 'dragon of cervical'" its business review page, let I of He of report published comments I reply to he, tell He I of He of story have how of appreciate, make I of He of story have the profound of know. The city of economic reform then I no forget letter at the end of the Plus: "Just I of city are embellished with in Nanning of
location on. This national"

A slip of the tongue. Have
pen of note. "Err is Human ". This is I in daily life in make mistakes of a very good excuse.