Work after I and a colleagues for dinner he complain about in restaurant work. Maybe everyone of complain more or less to in work I of university complain said, he has recently suffered a lot of He of superior not only is he the direct superior, but indirect advantage especially is when problems when no one support he even from behind to he knife he these should be for he stand up of people called the sound after, anxious to start resigned as the this a work but they don't should in key moment that do. But he eventually give up. In this year to leave by the end this a work of idea, because he have the real of status. Don't allow he so do because he have a family can feed, let he in a hurry to make this decision is not easy to. So he had to swallow what also can't do more important of IS, this will affect He of final bonus. The He for all of things are like a kind of negative of tendency, make he feel very depressed. He just want to release he of pressure and dissatisfaction as an way out. Usually situation under, each into work place of people may will in some degree on the face similar of situation, when we no ability to change when only wise of methods is to bear it, until you can change resistance or seek better of methods in order to escape the dilemma of situation